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Rib steak | 8 units of 12oz

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Organic rib steak

The prime rib is the supreme part of the beef. Soft, juicy and flavorful, due to the bone, this is the best food to grill.

The life of "organic meadow beef"

Rheintal collaborates with more than 8 certified organic bioproducers in Quebec. All of them work with the same biological specifications and the same know-how. The majority of breeds raised are made up of a hybrid mixture between three species of cattle. The breeding females are a Hereford-Simmental mix, which gives them excellent maternal quality. The breeding male is a thoroughbred Angus. This crossbreed gives a medium-lean meat with nice marbling and good tenderness. Briefly, this genetic mixture allows them to optimize the qualities of these three cattle breeds, namely: carcass yield, flavor and taste, always with the aim of obtaining delicious meat for all fine palates.

Respecting the nature of the animal as well as its rate of fattening without antibiotics and without growth hormones are key elements of their bovine production.

During the summer, the oxen are raised outdoors in a pasture. They can thus enjoy space and fresh herbs outside. On the other hand, during the night and bad weather, they can protect themselves inside buildings. The bioproducers carry out an intensive grazing management in order to give their animals a quality of always appetizing herbs in order to optimize the growth and the good nutrition of their animals.

During the winter, the herds are housed in a large barn. An abundant straw bedding is arranged to ensure the individual comfort of each. They also serve them a semi-wet, premium quality forage harvested during the summer season.

Feeding "organic meadow beef"

The quality of the beef is distinguished in the first place by the fact that the animals are fed on 100% organic fodder, that is to say a mixture of legumes (clover, alfalfa, trefoil) and grasses (timothy, brome meadows, tall fescue, ryegrass,).

Therefore, the meat is of premium quality, rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid (Omega 3 fatty acid) and has multiple benefits for your health.

The health of "organic meadow beef"

Not all of the beef cattle are given antibiotics and growth hormones. Quebec bioproducers essentially work in a preventive manner. The only products used are natural products like apple cider vinegar with garlic, seaweed and diatomaceous earth as a dewormer. In case of illness, the animals are treated with homeopathic medicines.

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Chaque produit est unique, tout comme vous. Si vous recherchez un produit qui correspond au moule de votre vie, le Rib steak | 8 units of 12oz est fait pour vous. Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Rib steak | 8 units of 12oz is for you.

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