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Veal cutlets

Very lean, with a fine texture and a mild flavor, they are easy to prepare. Cutlets can be breaded or stuffed with thin pieces of vegetables, cheese or a stuffing. Sauté the cutlets in a little oil for 2 to 3 minutes and enjoy plain or seasoned with a sauce.

The life of the "calf under the mother"

Calves under the mother whose breed is composed of a hybrid mixture between three bovine species. The breeding females are a Hereford x Simmental mix, which gives them excellent maternal quality. The breeding male is a thoroughbred Angus. This crossbreed gives an excellent dark pink veal, very tender and tasty which does not reduce during cooking. Briefly, this genetic mixture optimizes the qualities of these three cattle breeds in order to obtain delicious meat for all tastes.

Feeding the "organic calf under the mother"

Between two feedings, the calf enjoys the great outdoors with its mother by its side, while having the pleasure of grazing a little fresh pasture grass during the summer season or quality dry hay during the winter season.

Organic veal is darker than milk-fed veal. Since organic veal grazes a little grass, it absorbs more iron into its muscles, which has the effect of coloring its flesh.

The health of the "organic calf"

All calves produced do not receive any antibiotics and growth hormones. Quebec bioproducers essentially work in a preventive manner. The only products used are natural products like apple cider vinegar with garlic, seaweed and diatomaceous earth as a dewormer. In case of illness, the animals are treated with homeopathic medicines. Calf under the mother 91396