NY AAA Strip Loin Steak | 10 units of 8oz

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In order to obtain optimal flavor and tenderness, the beef is dry aged for 35 days. < / h1>

The strip loin is the piece of beef that is part of the sirloin. It is both tender and tasty. Boneless, it adapts just as well to the pan as to the barbecue.

Meadow beef

Rheintal beef is distinguishes it because it is fed on 100% organic fodder, that is to say a mixture of legumes (clover, alfalfa, trefoil) and grasses (timothy, meadow brome, tall fescue, ryegrass,). They are therefore able to offer you top quality meat, rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid (Omega 3 fatty acid) and free from chemicals, hormones and GMOs. To obtain optimum flavor and tenderness, the beef is dry aged for 21 days.