Forfait Québécois | Boîte mixte 100% Québec 2-3 personnes

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-12 coq au porc (chicoine foods)

-12 organic chicken breasts (farm voltigeur)

-12 organic pork ribs (Valens farm)

- 20 Quebec lamb chops (montpak )

more for free!

Basket 100% Quebec

From May 18 to 24

3 Savoura tomatoes

2 yellow beets

2 turnips

1 tofu

2 lbs of beet

2 lbs of carrots

2 lbs of yellow onions

1 lbs of parsnip

2lbs of Gabrielle potatoes

3 lbs of apples inches

< strong> 1 can of grape tomatoes

1 sundried tomato pesto

About 60 meals at $ 3.30 The meal!

In order to offer you the ultimate in food, all our products are sealed under vacuum and are frozen at their maximum freshness.

We offer also 1 year warranty on all our products!
If you are not satisfied with the tenderness, freshness of the food or just don't like it, we will exchange it for any other product of your choice of equal value!

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