Organic Filets mignon Ferme Rheintal | 10 units

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case of 10 pieces 5 to 6 ounces , 1.7kg

Filet mignon is the most tender piece of beef, its tenderness is impeccable, but it is less pronounced in flavor than the previous ones, so it is often accompanied by a sauce. < / p>

Meadow beef

Rheintal beef stands out because it is fed with 100% organic fodder, ie a mixture of legumes (clover, alfalfa, trefoil) and grasses (timothy, meadow brome, tall fescue, ryegrass,). They are therefore able to offer you top quality meat, rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid (Omega 3 fatty acid) and free from chemicals, hormones and GMOs. For optimum flavor and tenderness, the beef is dry aged for 21 days.
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